Awaken SS18 @ Alicante Fashion Week

Arantxa Morcillo took part of Alicante Fashion Week with “Awaken SS18” collection

AWAKEN SS18 tells a chapter of a unique experience, a revealing journey for the designer not only professional but also on her personal growth. This collection is part of the Project “Road To Fashion”, a one year research, travelling around Latin-America, capturing the richness of their cultures and wonderful landscapes.

AWAKEN takes inspiration on the naturals wonders of Argentina and Chile. Lands that change you inside just observing them, that transport you to a place of fully peace and calm. And that, you realised how much we need to preserve them.

That is why with this collection, the designer not only search to address the beauty of this lands but also establish a compromise with the ecosystem. 50% of the materials and fabrics use on the collection are from organic fibers, and recycle fabrics, that are gathered at the studio to spread the conscience of recycling and give our clothes a second chance.

The Iguazu Falls developed on dedicated chiffons and hi-tech technology, cleverly use to mimic the water falls.

The Taito Geisers and Atacama desert inspire contemporary geometric lines on tops and dresses.

Earth colour palette with soft tints of blue sky and smoky grey, highlight with a touch of scarlet red influence from the Argentinian cult to the saint “Gauchito Gil” , where the believers make their altar of trees and bushes dressing them with red fabrics scraps.

Studio Team:

Head Designer: Arantxa Morcillo

Studio Assistant/Jewellery Designer: Angela Agudo

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