SS/14 Hoist your heritage

The inspiration which combines tradition is for a woman who dares to understand her heritage and is proud of it.

A detailed examination of the robe a la polonaise used in Europe in the 18th Century blends with the personal view of my own heritage from one of the cities with more cultural wealth of Spain, to develop “Hoist your Heritage”.

This collection takes inspiration from the ornate costumes of Salamanca, home town of my great grandparents. It focuses on the beautiful heavy work on the fabrics as much as the amount of layers and fabric used. This, in addition, with an exhaustive learning of the assembly and composition of the robe. It made possible to reconstruct these garment in contemporary and detailed silhouettes that form this collection.

Simple and clean cuts are reshaped, lifted up by inventive mechanism to create innovative silhouettes. Relaxed geometric lines evolve in voluminous forms develop by hoisting up the fabric with cords continually referencing the construction of the robes of the 18th Century.

The use of scarlet red on finest lace layered with deep black velvet intermediately transport the viewer to the soul of Spain. Details in floral prints and fringe trimmings, all infused by a personal response to the traditional shawl. Rough cotton printed with lines, inspired by the ancient oriental prints used on the Robes, is used in dresses and light jackets.

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