AW/16 Road to Fashion

I’m not saying it will be easy, I’m saying it will be worthy

The colours of the earth, the humongous immensity of the Atacama desert, the cult of pagan saints, “Paja brava” -a grass that grows in the heights of the andean mountains, where very few living creatures dare to live-.

After a year of exploration of the old New World, the artist returns with her most captivating collection yet. Part of the thematic series “Road To Fashion”, “From El Bolsón to Chuquicamata” captures the raw nature and living of the rural South American continent. In an ode to a different life soil, soul and survival are the elements combined to express the designers view of a different culture.

The collection was presented on Oxford Fashion Studio LONDON // AW16 during London Fashion week at February 2016.

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